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Real Conversation With Rhodell

Check us out every Tuesday and Thursday for new shows. Watch live on the podcast. 

Interview with Blest By Four

Interview with Blest By Four

Got to talk with all the members of Blest By Four and they are a family! The sister came up with the name based off

Harvey Watkins of the Canton Spirituals

Interview with Harvey Watkins

Got a chance to talk with the lead singer Harvey Watkins of the Canton Spirituals. 50 years of a good vibe at his own pace.

What's the word, Rhodell

My mission for this platform is to encourage engagement with the generations. I want to be the vessel that enables these discussions on culture and perspectives for those who want to talk and listen.

Thank you for all the love and support.

Thank you to all our active listeners and project supporters! If you would like to donate please contact us for further direction.

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We Play Music That You Love! A Taste of Tradition shares timeless tunes passed down through generations. Discover beloved songs and explore music's oral traditions. Listen now for a nostalgic musical journey.


We took the time to redo the whole platform with our listeners in mind from the ground up.


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